The micromosaic is one of the most ancient and elaborated techniques in jewellery craftsmanship, which had its apex in the 18th century and particularly in Rome where it was used to create luxurious souvenirs, apart from jewels, with themes with neoclassical appearance. The micromosaic effect on the mosaic tiles of BottegaNove is obtained by using a covering glaze called “craquelé”, literally “crackled”. Historically used in Nove to obtain particular aesthetic effects, it is, in fact, the outcome of a technical mistake: you can get it by using a glaze with a so-called coefficient of expansion, which is different from the one of the clay and therefore creates surface tensions able to generate the web effect on the surface. The right dosing during the spraying with the airbrush and the precise firing temperature are the only ways to obtain a perfect “crackle”. The following step is the application of precious colourful lustres with another firing in order to melt them with the glaze. The outcome is a Micromosaic with an extraordinary range ton sur ton which you can see by looking the modules at a short distance. Our colour range broadens from pastel to precious hues made in pure gold and silver. The collection is presented in square tiles with a micro-pattern that is different in each tile thus making it a “unique micromosaic”.

Finish: Matt/Gloss
Material: Ceramics
Bespoke Available: Each tile is bespoke and made to order, for more details please contact us directly at bespoke@matterofstuff.com
Made in Italy